DOUBLE FUSION OPS, 2 Plates and 6 Screws

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DOUBLE FUSION OPS, 2 Plates and 6 Screws

Post by Zuku »

Verskoon maar die Engels, het net so gedupliseer aan n ander form.

Is there anyone here or know a close relative that had a double fusion because of back problems.

I had a Micro Disectomy (L4/5) ten years back. My back pulled into a spasm and one lumbar vertebrae cushion came out slightly, pinching the leg nerves. It was painful to walk and difficult to straighten my back. They cut some bone away to make more space for the nerves to move around. This helped quite a lot and got me back to operate as normal.

Last year my lower back did the same, without the pain in the leg. Physio help me to straighten the back. Then I was fine for a month or two. Then my back hurts for 3 or 4 days and then I'm normal again. The the pain got backed longer and more painful. I saw two specialist's that stated I need double fusion to fix the problem. The one cushion is collapsing and getting out of place. The one above and below starts also to show damage. Because I can still operate normal they said if I can live with the pain when occurring I don't need a ops. With time the pain got worse. From last week my back pulled into spasm again and pinched the same leg nerve as ten years ago making walking very painful. I'm seeing a specialist next week. Got a suspicion of what the outcome will be.

My question to you is was the double fusion ops successful, did it took away the pain permanently. Where you able to operate normal like going deep sea fishing with that "Stamp Stamp" boat ride, mountain hiking, playing with the kids, moving furniture around, get on a ladder to paint the walls etc.. Was there any limit of things you cannot do.

Did anyone saw a Chiropractitioner and did it helped?

Half of the people I talked to complain they had occasional pain in the back, slightly less and restricted to movement. I'm also close to 60 but could operate normal and do whatever I wanted to do before the pain
Ds J
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Re: DOUBLE FUSION OPS, 2 Plates and 6 Screws

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Hoop hierdie help n bietjie:

Ek het agtien jaar gelede my rug seergemaak. (Rugby en n stoel verkeerd opgetel).

Dit was waarskynlik n besering wat ek as 13-jarige onwetend opgedoen het, as 18-jarige weer beseer het en finaal as 23-jarige beskadig het.

Nie drasties ernstig nie - dit was n kompaktering (saampers) van een van die lae rugkussings.

Baie brandpyn in my regterbeen gevoel, kon nie behoorlik loop nie en moes gedeeltelik my been omtrent sleep.

Fisioterapie, chiropraktisyn en akkupunktuur het my so ver laat herstel dat ek twee jaar daarna my tweede dan in karate kon doen.

Ek kan vir alle praktiese redes 100% aangaan, maar ek word soms bewus van die besering.
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