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TheQM – Tonteldoos

Post by Camouflage762 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 8:15 am

Tonteldoos "Tinder Box"
From R466.00
A Tonteldoos (pronouced: taun ' til ' dooos) also known as a "tinder box" is a historic tool in common use in Voortrekker (Pioneer) society before the creation of friction matches.
This portable metal box is used to house and keep tinder dry, this includes charcloth, hemp or other materials ready to take a spark.
Attached to the box is a round forged piece of high carbon steel that can be use to strike against a flint* to land a spark in the tinder. Once the tinder is glowing red use it to light a pile of tinder that has been previously collected.

*Due to the unavailability of Flint in South Africa, it has been replaced with Quartz which also allows the Carbon Striker to Spark.

To order online, follow the link below: ... tonteldoos
Price includes Vat.
Full costs displayed BEFORE you have to pay.
Online Credit Card and EFT Payment options available. we are still very much ONLINE, continue to deliver Nation-Wide and Internationally, Door2Door OR you can pop in and Click’nCollect

Please contact us at if you need assistance or have a query.


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